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Benefits of Meditation: An Interview with Filmmaker David Lynch

I heard a phrase, “True happiness is not out there, true happiness lies within.” This phrase had a ring of truth to it for me, but the phrase didn’t tell me where the within was, nor did it tell me how to get there. So it was a very frustrating phrase. I wasn’t interested in meditation for a long time because I thought it was a fad and a waste of time. But then one day it suddenly occurred to me that maybe meditation was a way to go within and find that happiness.

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Mindfulness, Meditation & Mental Health

Practicing mindfulness—being present in the moment, and observing oneself and ones surroundings in a nonjudgemental way—is an ancient form of meditation with roots in Buddhism. But researchers are delving into the idea that secular mindfulness practice has great benefits for our mental and physical health, including helping mange mental illness and chronic pain.

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