Devin Moore | Yoga Instructor

Devin Moore  | Yoga Instructor, Yen Yoga & Fitness in Traverse City, Michigan.

Devin Moore was born in Port Huron, MI, but has spent most of her life around the 45 parallel. She began practicing yoga around the age of 14 and quickly realized the how much the sequences resonated with her. After attending college for a few years, Devin took a two-year break and rediscovered her yoga practice. She found that yoga gave her strength, inspiration, and peace both mentally and physically. She decided to share the gifts yoga gave her with the community by becoming a 200-hour RYT through Shanti School of Yoga in 2014.

Upon spending several months solely teaching yoga, Devin decided to finish her college degree in order to help and reach even more people. She moved to Marquette and finished her bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education at Northern Michigan University. This degree allows Devin to help people prevent chronic and noncommunicable diseases through education, nutrition, and exercise. Devin is currently the Education and Outreach Coordinator at Oryana Community Co-op, where she is able to educate the community through food, presentations, collaborations, and information. Devin believes that being healthy is not just an exclusive trend, but a lifestyle attainable for all through the right foods, environment, and exercise--and she is happy to be able to help others achieve it!