Deirdre Ring-Marrinson | Yoga & Fitness Substitute

Deirdre Ring-Marrinson   |  Yoga Substitute, Yen Yoga & Fitness in Traverse City, Michigan.

Deirdre is a lifelong athlete passionate about the transformative power of movement. She was first introduced to yoga as a mandatory part of training on her college tennis team and was immediately drawn to the non-competitive nature of the practice. After years of sweating it out in power style vinyasa classes and loving the benefits, she decided to complete her yoga teacher training, and shortly thereafter had the fun opportunity to manage a yoga studio in Chicago.

While yoga is a constant, she loves group fitness for the variety of classes, social component and motivation. She especially loves teaching and taking classes focused on high intensity intervals, getting that music turned up and having fun in class.

Deirdre spent most of her life high rise living in big cities but fighting the constant pull to be closer to nature and part of a smaller community. She made her way to Traverse City and it is the perfect home.