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What can I expect?


If you are new to Yen Yoga & Fitness, we know that choosing one of our 100+ classes a week can be intimidating and maybe even a little confusing.

You may be asking: What’s a vinyasa? How do I pronounce “barre?" Which class is appropriate for me?

Don't feel alone in asking; these questions are common. At Yen, beginners are celebrated and welcomed. Nearly every class is beginner-friendly. Take a look at our Classes page to learn more about the ins and outs of what happens during each class. We have suggestions for your first class, but don’t hesitate to ask one of our teachers or studio staff to help find the perfect class for you.

First yoga, mediation, fitness, or cycling class at Yen Yoga & Fitness? New students start here.

If you are new to yoga, we recommend starting with one of our classes suited for beginners, such as Gentle Yoga or Yin Yoga (check our online schedule for dates and times). Arrive 15 minutes before class is scheduled to start; this will give you time to get relaxed and ready for practice.

For your first time cycling, we recommend arriving 15 minutes early. During this time, your instructor will get you properly set up and you can take a few moments to get acquainted with the bike. Any cycling class is appropriate for a beginner, as your resistance and pace are controlled by you alone. Professional cyclists ride alongside novices in every class.

For any barre or fitness classes, the instructor will let you know if there is any equipment you need for that day. Modifications and alternative exercises are always given and encouraged.

Let the instructor know you’re new and if you have any health concerns or contraindications. A bottle of water and a towel can be helpful. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move—stretchy workout pants or sweatpants and a not-too-baggy tee-shirt are great—with an extra layer in case you get chilly. Yoga is practiced barefoot, so no special footwear is required. We have yoga mats and props for you, though you may eventually want to purchase your own.

It is suggested that you not eat for at least an hour or two before practicing yoga; many of the poses and movements can be uncomfortable if your body is also trying to digest. If you must eat before class, try to keep it small and light.

For a great list of yoga class “etiquette” tips and suggestions, check out the post “Class Etiquette: The (Semi)Unspoken Rules of Yoga” on our blog. If you have any questions about yoga, our studios, or our classes, please don’t hesitate to call us up or stop in and ask. We look forward to seeing you!

To ensure a peaceful experience for students and teachers, we ask that you observe our No Late Entry policy. Classes start promptly on time, and once the door closes, we cannot permit entry. We thank you for honoring studio policies.

What is yoga?


Despite its exploding popularity and prevalence in popular culture, yoga is still often misunderstood. This is partially because there are so many myths about yoga, such as:

  • I have to be flexible to practice yoga.

  • I have to be super fit or skinny to practice yoga.

  • Yoga is just for women in tight black pants.

  • I’m already an athlete, so I don’t need another form of exercise.

  • Yoga is a religion, and it goes against my personal faith.

Nope! Yoga is for everyone.


At Yen Yoga & Fitness, we believe yoga can help you explore your full potential.

You do not have to be flexible or fit or have a certain body type. You do not have to wear tight clothing. You do not have to chant. It’s a philosophy, not a religion, and it’s completely come-as-you-are. It has many forms, from meditation to gentle flowing movements to intense athletic workouts. It can be challenging, but it’s never competitive. The best part? Yoga can be tailored to each individual’s abilities, which means all ages, genders and body types can benefit.

Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning to yoke or bind, yoga is a physical and mental discipline that unites the body and the breath to build strength, flexibility and balance, and create wellness, awareness, and stillness within.

It’s been around for some 5,000 years, and modern science continues to prove its vast health benefits, including stress reduction, improved immune function, the easing of symptoms in patients with chronic illness and pain, and more.

Our classes are designed to accommodate a variety of practices, all focused on building strength and flexibility, while inspiring peace, clarity and tranquility in our daily lives.


Frequently Asked Questions


How should I prepare for class?

+How do I sign up for my first class?

Your first class is just $5. We suggest calling ahead of time and preregistering over the phone or signing up online once you have found a class you would like to try. Check through our website and pick the class you would like to attend. Click “sign up now” and the system will take you step by step through the registration process.

+Do you have beginner classes?

We offer a large variety of classes that are great for beginners. Some classes to look into as a beginner include, but are not limited to, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Gentle, Hot Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

+Do I need prior yoga experience to try any of the classes?

Some classes are more beginner-friendly than others. Descriptions of our classes are available on our website, and will tell you if experience is necessary.

+I've never taken a cycling class or I would consider myself a beginner. Will your classes be too advanced for me?

The great thing about cycling is that you can make the class your own, so it is perfect for beginners. You can choose to follow the instructor at their pace, or you can choose to back off and cycle at your own pace. At different times during the class you will be instructed to add weight to your wheel by turning a knob on your bike; you can choose to simply stay where you are if you are not comfortable adding more weight. Be sure you let the instructor know it is your first class so they can help you set up your bike properly.

+What should I expect during my first visit?

You will be asked to fill out our waiver if you have not done so already, and then we will give you a tour of the studio. You’ll also receive our first-timer gift! We’ll show you where your class will be, introduce you to your instructor, and familiarize you with our facilities.

+What should I bring to class?

Water is always an important thing to bring to any class. Most classes require a yoga mat, which you can borrow at the studio if you don’t have your own. Shoes are not permitted in yoga classes but are suggested for some other classes. Check the class description if you are unsure, or call the front desk for additional information.

+What should I wear?

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. The type of class may dictate what you should wear: you may want to wear wicking or lighter clothes in a Hot Yoga class and layers in a Gentle Yoga class. Wear something that you are comfortable stretching and moving in. Feel free to call the studio to ask about a specific class.

+Do I need shoes?

This depends on the class. If you are taking yoga the answer is no. If you are attending cycling you will want tennis shoes or cycling shoes with SPD clips. Shoes are recommended for TRX and Body Sculpt, but Kettlebell is bare feet. Feel free to call the studio to ask about your specific class.

+Should I eat or drink anything before a class?

Most will recommend an empty stomach for yoga, but you will want to be well nourished before coming to a class. Eating 2-4 hours before class is usually enough time to make sure your belly is empty enough, but you wont be running on fumes. It is also important to be well hydrated both before and after a class, especially Hot Yoga or Cycling, or any class that you may sweat in.

+How early should I arrive for my first class?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your first class. That will give you enough time to fill out our waiver, let us give you a tour of the studio, let us introduce you to your instructor, and provides you with enough time to settle into your class. Certain classes, like cycling, require set up as well.

What should I know about Yen's studio?

+Where do I park?

There is metered parking available along Front Street in front of the studio, as well as a pay-by-the-hour parking deck conveniently located just west of the studio. If you’re up for a quick stroll, there is free 2-hour residential parking just off Boardman Avenue on the east side of the studio.

+Do you have free weights and other gym equipment?

We ask that you only use our weights and other props during scheduled classes under the supervision of your instructor.

+Do you offer mats to use and how much are they?

Our mat rental is complimentary, but we suggest using your own mat when possible. We have a limited supply and (for your safety) you cannot practice without a mat.

+Are there showers available?

Yes, we have four shower stalls in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms. They are equipped with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. You may bring your own towel or rent one from us for $1.50.

+Are the classes heated?

No, we offer a variety of yoga classes that are not heated. Any class offered in Studio 1 (the “hot room”) will be heated. Classes offered in any of our other studios are not heated significantly. A heater may be used to bring the studio to a comfortable temperature or a fan may be used to cool the room. Check the class description if you are unsure, or call the front desk for additional information.

+Do you have any free classes?

We offer a weekly free Meditation class on Sundays at 9am and periodic donation-based classes throughout the year.

I'd like to know more about yoga.

+What does namaste mean?

Namaste (na-ma-stay) is a Sanskrit greeting and literally means, “I bow to you.” It is a simple recognition and a thank you for sharing practice time and space.

+Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?

The short answer is no. In fact, the more flexible bodies can sometimes be the most prone to injury. We all start from somewhere and your teachers are keenly and happily aware of that.


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