How can I become a member and how much does it cost?

+How do I sign up for my first class?

Your first class is just $5. We suggest calling ahead of time and preregistering over the phone or signing up online once you have found a class you would like to try. Check through our website and pick the class you would like to attend. Click “sign up now” and the system will take you step by step through the registration process.

+How early should I sign up for classes?

You can sign up for classes a week in advance. It may not always be necessary, but we always recommend signing up. Some classes may fill due to time of day or popularity.

+Do you offer any discounts on memberships or packages?

We do not offer any discounts on our membership, but we do offer several discounts for locals on our class packages. Call our front desk for details! 231-421-5496

+Do you have any free classes?

We offer a weekly free Meditation class on Sundays at 9am and periodic donation-based classes throughout the year.

+Is there an expiration date on packages?

Yes. The 5-class package expires 3 months after purchase, the 10-class package 6 months, and the 20-class and 30-class packages 12 months. The expiration date is based on the date the package is purchased.

+What is the cancellation policy?

We have a 4-hour cancellation window. Package holders, classes cancelled within the 4 hour window will not be returned to your package. Members, we allow 3 “freebies” a month. Every late cancellation over that will be charged $5 each, on the first of the following calendar month.

+Do you offer a mobile app?

Yes. We have apps for both Android and iOS. They can be found in the Google Play store or the App Store for iPhone or iPad. You can schedule your next class using the app.

What should I know about Yen's studio?

+Where do I park?

There is metered parking available along Front Street in front of the studio, as well as a pay-by-the-hour parking deck conveniently located just west of the studio. If you’re up for a quick stroll, there is free 2-hour residential parking just off Boardman Avenue on the east side of the studio.

+Do you have free weights and other gym equipment?

We ask that you only use our weights and other props during scheduled classes under the supervision of your instructor.

+Do you offer mats to use and how much are they?

Our mat rental is complimentary, but we suggest using your own mat when possible. We have a limited supply and (for your safety) you cannot practice without a mat.

+Does the studio offer water or snacks for purchase?

Yes, we have a variety of beverages and snacks available for sale in the front lobby.

+Can I use your stationary bikes on my own?

No, you must be attending a class to use the bikes.

+Are there showers available?

Yes, we have four shower stalls in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms. They are equipped with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. You may bring your own towel or rent one from us for $1.50.

+Are the classes heated?

No, we offer a variety of yoga classes that are not heated. Any class offered in Studio 1 (the “hot room”) will be heated. Classes offered in any of our other studios are not heated significantly. A heater may be used to bring the studio to a comfortable temperature or a fan may be used to cool the room. Check the class description if you are unsure, or call the front desk for additional information.

+How often do you clean the studio?

Every day, every night, every hour, and then some more in between. You can rest assured that everything from our mats, to the locker rooms, to the bikes, to the studio floors will be clean when you are here. We pride ourselves on taking great care of our facilities.

How should I prepare for class?

+Do you have beginner classes?

We offer a large variety of classes that are great for beginners. Some classes to look into as a beginner include, but are not limited to, Vinyasa I/II , Yin, Gentle, Hot Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

+Do I need prior yoga experience to try any of the classes?

Some classes are more beginner-friendly than others. Descriptions of our classes are available on our website, and will tell you if experience is necessary.

+I've never taken a cycling class or I would consider myself a beginner. Will your classes be too advanced for me?

The great thing about cycling is that you can make the class your own, so it is perfect for beginners. You can choose to follow the instructor at their pace, or you can choose to back off and cycle at your own pace. At different times during the class you will be instructed to add weight to your wheel by turning a knob on your bike; you can choose to simply stay where you are if you are not comfortable adding more weight. Be sure you let the instructor know it is your first class so they can help you set up your bike properly.

+What should I expect during my first visit?

You will be asked to fill out our waiver if you have not done so already, and then we will give you a tour of the studio. You’ll also receive our first-timer gift! We’ll show you where your class will be, introduce you to your instructor, and familiarize you with our facilities.

+What should I bring to class?

Water is always an important thing to bring to any class. Most classes require a yoga mat, which you can borrow at the studio if you don’t have your own. Shoes are not permitted in yoga classes but are suggested for some other classes. Check the class description if you are unsure, or call the front desk for additional information.

+What should I wear?

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. The type of class may dictate what you should wear: you may want to wear wicking or lighter clothes in a Hot Yoga class and layers in a Gentle Yoga class. Wear something that you are comfortable stretching and moving in. Feel free to call the studio to ask about a specific class.

+Do I need shoes?

This depends on the class. If you are taking yoga the answer is no. If you are attending cycling you will want tennis shoes or cycling shoes with SPD clips. Shoes are recommended for TRX and Body Sculpt, but Kettlebell is bare feet. Feel free to call the studio to ask about your specific class.

+Should I eat or drink anything before a class?

Most will recommend an empty stomach for yoga, but you will want to be well nourished before coming to a class. Eating 2-4 hours before class is usually enough time to make sure your belly is empty enough, but you wont be running on fumes. It is also important to be well hydrated both before and after a class, especially Hot Yoga or Cycling, or any class that you may sweat in.

+How early should I arrive for my first class?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your first class. That will give you enough time to fill out our waiver, let us give you a tour of the studio, let us introduce you to your instructor, and provides you with enough time to settle into your class. Certain classes, like cycling, require set up as well.

+I have a past injury, can I still practice yoga?

In most cases yes. It is important to arrive early for your class to speak with the instructor about the injury so they can advise you of proper modifications to the poses you will be practicing.

+Can I practice yoga while pregnant?

Most likely, but it is important to speak with your doctor beforehand to decide which classes are appropriate for your body. We offer many gentler classes that are great for prenatal practice. In addition to that, it is always important to speak with your instructor before class so they can advise you of proper modifications to the poses you will be practicing.

+What are the age restrictions?

Our age limit is 14 years old. We welcome children ages 14-17 and ask that a parent or guardian sign a waiver before they participate in class. We ask that children under 16 are accompanied by an adult for the first few classes (that way, the guardian can show them the ropes). After the student has demonstrated both maturity and respectfulness, the student may attend on their own.

I'd like to know more about yoga.

+What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga has many benefits, both physical and psychological. Among some of the physical benefits are improved flexibility, strength and balance. Studies show that a continued yoga practice can increase serotonin levels, which counteracts depression and sadness. Yoga can also produce a calming, restorative balance to your mind as you shift your focus to the present, slow your breath, and begin to let go of your everyday worries. That is just for starters!

+What does namaste mean?

Namaste (na-ma-stay) is a Sanskrit greeting and literally means, “I bow to you.” It is a simple recognition and a thank you for sharing practice time and space.

+What is Vinyasa flow?

A continuing sequence of linked body movements (asanas) and breath.

+Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?

The short answer is no. In fact, the more flexible bodies can sometimes be the most prone to injury. We all start form somewhere and your teachers are keenly and happily aware of that.