Indoor Cycling

At Yen Yoga & Fitness, cycling classes are designed to challenge and benefit all levels of riders. Our classes appeal to beginners, hardcore cyclists and everyone in between. Our riders span the age spectrum, and have a wide variety of athletic abilities. The group setting is completely non-competitive, building camaraderie that motivates riders to reach for their personal fitness goals.

We’ve recruited the area’s most accomplished and creative cycling instructors to take you on amazing, unforgettable rides. Our instructors coach riders to adapt their workout to their own experience and comfort level. Each class can vary based on the whims of the instructor, but you’re always guaranteed a high-energy, entertaining, motivating experience—whether you’re an experienced cyclist or it’s been years since you last sat on a bicycle.

Our specially designed cycling ampetheater sets the stage for your workout with great music and more than two dozen LeMond RevMaster bikes—the very best on the market. We’ve equipped these bikes with computers that provide you with a continuous readout of the information you need to get the workout you want—your cadence, your heart rate, and your distance traveled—all right at your fingertips so you can adjust your ride anytime.

New to cycling? Checkout our introduction for first-time students. Cycling: What to Expect

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Yen Cycling

Cycling enhances your speed, strength and stamina, improves your overall physical health, and increases your caloric burn. Cardiovascular training such as spinning reduces symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

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Cycle + Sculpt

55 minutes of cardiovascular training with indoor cycling is followed by 30 minutes of strength training, targeting all major muscle groups before a well deserved stretch.

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Cycle + Strength

This class includes 40 minutes of indoor cycling. A fun and challenging cardiovascular workout, using high and low intensity intervals. Class will finish with a strengthening segment off the bike, using weights, bands and balls, targeting all major muscle groups.


Strength Training

Led by our experienced fitness instructors, all strength training classes safely target the major muscle groups in a fun and unique way. Using specialized equipment and modifications for different abilities, Yen’s strength training classes provide a challenging but accessible workout for all.

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Arms, Abs and Assets

A mat based strengthening and sculpting class that targets, of course, your arms, abs and the most important ASSets. Utilizing weights, bands, magic circles and toning balls.


Barre Fusion

This class is a high-energy fitness class that combines core conditioning, pilates, yoga, and barre work for a well-toned body. This class is open to all levels and requires no prior experience, but postures do advance.

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Body Sculpt

Build stronger muscles, improve balance and agility and learn to use your core throughout your entire workout. Using free weights and other small equipment you will be guided through combination movements, working multiple muscle groups.


Dance Inspired

Join us for a workout that feels more like a party! Our dance-inspired classes fuse energetic instructors, dynamic cardio moves, and upbeat music that will have you smiling all day (and wondering why you’re sore the next).

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Cardio Barre

The focus of the choreographed class is to bring each muscle to fatigue and then stretch it back out to burn fat and tone from the smaller muscle groups first. Small, isometric contractions recruit more muscle fibers to tighten, tone, and lift each part of the body!


Cardio Funk

This inspiring, high energy class will challenge your cardiovascular endurance as well as strengthen your core, improve flexibility, coordination and confidence! With choreography that encompasses a variety of dance styles and music that will have you grooving to the beat, you’ll have an absolute, sweaty blast!