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Student Spotlight: Scott Munn

Amy Routzahn is a friend and she posted an invitation on Facebook, “who’s going to join me Monday for some hot yoga?”  I had had a couple of glasses of wine, so I just jumped on it. Been coming ever since. It’s been a great structure for me.  I’ve never really been an exercise guy and I definitely wasn’t ever a yoga guy. But I always knew that I should be doing something to get into shape/get maintain my health.  This has been something that works for me and I’m really excited about it.

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Student Spotlight: Michelle Schmaltz

The first time I came to Yen was when Liz T was teaching a Werq Dance Fitness class on the schedule. I wanted to support her as I was working out with her at Glen Arbors Sleeping Bear Bay Club along with Amanda Jackson and Stacy Jago.  I loved that first class I took with Liz and when I moved to TC from Glen Arbor in the fall of 2017 I decided to join as a member, trying out new classes.

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Student Spotlight: Clark Bunting

In 2012, my wife, Karen and I moved to our Traverse City home after I retired from a media career spanning a quarter of a century on the east coast. In my late fifties, I was over-­stressed, overweight and way over-­caffeinated, and was looking for ways to get fit, relax and make some new friends.  I also was looking for activities that would help keep me flexible and relieve the arthritic pain in my lower back.

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