Yoga for Fertility

Trying to conceive can be a tricky, lengthy process. For many couples, especially those struggling with infertility, this process can become emotionally taxing and full of stress, frustration and anxiety. 

Yoga can help.

Yoga for Fertility, photo courtesy of That Yoga Place

“Fertility yoga,” as it’s often called, is the practice of yoga with the specific intent to help women create the best possible conditions for conception. Gentle movement, meditation, breathing exercises and particular poses encourage conception by helping to reduce stress, improve overall health, and deepen the body/mind connection. Many yoga for fertility classes are open to couples—not just the prospective mothers-to-be—which can serve to strengthen the partners’ connection to each other.

Yoga unites the body and breath to remove physical tension and quiet the mind, which is crucial for creating a welcoming environment for new life. Fertility yoga goes a step further by increasing fertility awareness, addressing the relationship between stress and fertility, and incorporating specific poses—often forward bends and reclining postures—that target the abdominal and pelvic regions in ways that are gentle and easy, even for yoga newbies. It is a safe, serene way to seek conception, whether a couple has been “trying” for awhile, or is just starting down the path toward parenthood.

Yen Yoga & Fitness will host a fertility workshop with Aimee Meeker on December 12 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Participants will journey through a gentle, meditative yoga practice geared toward calming the mind and opening the body. The workshop will include basic postures to increase chances of conception, mindful steps to prepare for and encourage fertility, and breathing techniques specifically designed to unblock psychological factors affecting a woman’s body. No yoga experience is required, and partners are encouraged to attend.