Student Spotlight: Vicki Hall

Student Spotlight: Vicki Hall

I came to Yen Yoga 5 years ago. One of my housekeeping clients recommended yoga to me. I’d done a little yoga in the past, but nothing that would constitute an actual practice. I was a little broken in the way most humans get when we lose ourselves. My mind was messy from years of severe depression, panic, anxiety and the prescribed medications to combat all of that. My body was about 100 lbs heavier after raising my five girls. I needed some relief from chronic sciatic nerve pain. And as a side bonus, something to bring me peace for one hot second. My first class was a community class. The level of calm the staff and instructors were able to create for just one hour of my life inspired me to come back. I attended some gentle classes, some detox classes, but it was the Inspire class and the hot room that hooked me!  

Affordability was an issue so I spent a lot of time at any studio I could go to for very cheap or donation-based classes. But after a few years of that, it became apparent that, for as much as I felt the need for yoga, a membership at Yen brought the per class price down enough to make the most economical sense. Yen provided a variety of classes that worked in my schedule. Along with workshops, and monthly challenges, I found a well-balanced workout for my mind and body. One of my favorite challenges was the mindfulness challenge. During that challenge, I discovered yoga Nidra and daily meditation. My vinyasa practice began to advance in ways I never could have imagined. My inner monologue went from dreadfully harmful to kinder and more loving. I had more flexibility and strength. Since the challenge, I’ve incorporated a Yoga Nidra, a Warm Yin, and a Meditation class into my regular routine. The result:  I found a chin stand!  

Today, as long as I keep a daily practice of yoga and meditation, I am relatively pain-free. I’ve reduced my body mass and eliminated all but one pharmaceutical. I don’t suffer panic attacks and my anxiety is managed naturally.

My favorite classes are any hot flow classes in studio 1.  You can find me stumbling into the 6 am vinyasa flow classes, usually late, in my slippers, and carrying my favorite glass teacup. I don’t go because I love my five am alarm. I do it because it’s what will work in my schedule. But I really appreciate the folks who come to these classes. I think they are salt of the earth kind of people. Steady, constant, and full of authenticity. They inspire me to keep coming because they keep coming. You can find my husband, Jeff, in the morning spin classes. He is my love. 

I am currently exploring the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali, the stories of Krishna, and Messages from the Masters by Brian Weiss all books recommended by my dedicated, beloved teachers at Yen.  I have found much peace in these books along with many others that the instructors at Yen have recommended over the years. I appreciate how Yen provides many avenues in which to find enlightenment. 

My greatest inspiration comes from my fellow yogis at the studio.  Every one of their practices are incredible to witness. There is comfort in their steady breathing around me. I miss them when they are absent and joyous when they return. I admire those who keep coming back the most. The beginners are especially inspiring because I too am a beginner yogi.  When they keep coming back, I see their perseverance and strong souls and it uplifts me. 

I am grateful for yoga and Yen. I love my yoga community.  When I am on my mat, I am home. I roll to my left side for love. I lead with my heart. I breathe. I am not broken, I am whole, and enough. I am learning every day to keep coming back. And if you’re still reading this, I hope you will too. 

Namaste my friends.