Student Spotlight: Shoba Berkuchel Ryan

Student Spotlight: Rod Robertson

I first found yoga when I was in high school, but my practice fell by the wayside as I focused on my career and academic pursuits. I had neglected the mind-body-spirit connection for so many years. My Yen Yoga & Fitness journey began in 2017. I had just come out of a long-term relationship and was struggling with my sense of self and purpose as well as anxiety and depression. After nearly two years of solid and continuous practice, the impact yoga has had in my life across multiple domains is rather profound. 

As a mental health provider, I have found the therapeutic benefits of yoga to be remarkable. My practice has allowed me to find my inner self, to love and accept my flaws, to cultivate my spirituality. I can appreciate accomplishments daily within my practice. The most notable of these is the instant cold sensation achieved on demand during a yoga nidra session. This experience has opened my awareness to the power of the mind. It has enabled me to push myself in a healthy way, allowing me to advance in more vigorous classes, further cultivating a moving meditation. On the other hand, stillness has allowed me to process and appreciate the challenges, trauma, and emotions that my patients and I alike have experienced.

There is no better start to my day than the morning warm yin yoga classes. I encourage anyone and everyone to take advantage of the multitude of benefits that Yen Yoga & Fitness, a place that has become my sanctuary, can offer. No need to worry about the judgment of others because it is self-judgment that will be your most significant obstacle to overcome.