Student Spotlight: Marlo Burch

When did you start coming to Yen Yoga & Fitness?

I started coming to Yen in February of 2014. My first class was actually a spin workshop…not even YOGA!

What was your reason for starting? (Mind, Body, Health, etc)

I moved to Michigan in November of 2013. I’m also fortunate to work from home so I really was looking for a way to get out of my house and engage with others in my new town. Yen was the perfect choice for me. Yen provided just the right atmosphere for me to develop a deeper practice of Yoga, but also cultivate some amazing relationships with my fellow yogis.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since becoming a member at Yen Yoga & Fitness?

My biggest accomplishment thus far in my yoga journey has been my completion of my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Calgary this past July. Even though my training wasn’t with Yen, the instructors and classes at Yen are 100% responsible for igniting this passion. I will be forever grateful for their guidance along this path.

What is your favorite class?

It’s all about balance for me so I come to 3 – or 4 different classes a week. My two most favorite classes are Tuesday evening Vinyasa with Lisa and Sunday afternoon Restorative with Terri.

Do you have any funny Yen moments you’d like to share, or any “meditations from the mat” moments?

There have been many many “mat moments”. I think the one that really resonated with me….It was near the end of a class, and we were queued for Frog pose. Despite how flexible I am, this particular pose is exceptionally challenging for me. I begrudgingly assumed the position and tried to not think of all the reasons why I hated it. Then the sweet voice of the instructor says, as she’s standing next to me, “Sometimes the things we dislike the most and make us the most uncomfortable, are the things we need the most and have the most benefit in our lives.” I remind myself of this now every time I find myself in a situation I would love to escape…including Frog pose. 

What advice or words of encouragement would you like to pass along to people who haven’t been to Yen Yoga & Fitness?

There is a yoga class for every body. Yoga doesn’t care how flexible you are, how fit you are, what clothes you wear, how expensive your mat is or that you have your own mat at all. The only requirements are that you show up, step on the mat, and breathe.