Student Spotlight: Larry Tiefenbach

Student Spotlight: Larry Tiefenbach

When did you start coming to Yen Yoga & Fitness?

September 17, 2010. Okay I cheated and looked it up but that’s one of the beauties of Yen, they were early to have the online scheduling system. Actually I didn’t start coming seriously until November 2011.

What was your reason for starting? (Mind, Body, Health, etc) 

Prior to Yen I discovered Bikram Yoga and really enjoyed its benefits. So it was mainly body and health that I was drawn too.  My flexibility improved and I lost wait. Unfortunately I got frustrated with the management there as well as the smelly studio and one shower for a dozen guys.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since becoming a member at Yen Yoga & Fitness? 

Discovering Yin Yoga. And not only discovering it but seeing what it can do. I had a hip surgery that reduced the flexibility in my right hip. The hot yoga was great, but Yin has given me greater depth in gaining this flexibility back AND A WHOLE LOT MORE.  Prior to Yoga I was an avid runner.  My hamstrings were extremely tight. At 56 I can stretch further in my hamstring than I could when I was 18. Amazing.

What is your favorite class? 

It depends on my mood. I like Sara’s cycling class for cardio and strength. I like the hot yoga class and obviously yin has been topping my list. Recently I’ve been going to hot yoga flow too.  The movement has been something new to my practice and enjoy it.

Do you have any funny Yen moments you’d like to share, or any “meditations from the mat” moments? 

Most of the funny business happens in the morning cycling class. Most everyone knows I’m an avid OSU alum and fan and I get a lot of abuse for it.

What advice or words of encouragement would you like to pass along to people who haven’t been to Yen Yoga & Fitness?

Simply that people who have never tried yoga and want to give it a go, Yen is a great place. No judgment. No fear. Encouragement. Nice clean studio.