Student Spotlight: Joshua Orah

Student Spotlight: Joshua Orah

My journey with Yen, and even with Yoga in general, began when Shalvah and I moved to Northern Michigan the fall of 2014. We knew we wanted to keep active during the winter, and since we were both coming from the desert, it was imperative to keep moving to stay warm!

Interestingly enough, though I’ve been engaged in practicing meditation, eating healthy, and practicing healthy lifestyle choices, yoga was the one arena of healthy living that had escaped me all these years. I practiced tai chi, dance, and of course hiking (which I still love!), but yoga has really brought a new awareness of the seamless connection of body and mind. Yoga helps keep me centered and feeling good in my body, which helps me maintain a steady and peaceful mind more easily.  Though I don’t go every day (except for the challenges  I love when I am able to get into the studio and practice.

I would say that my biggest accomplishment since starting at Yen is definitely completing the 6 month Inspired Life Challenge. The last month was the hardest because of my work schedule, but I pushed through past the finish line and I’m glad I did. Now I just need to challenge myself more to get into the studio with all my free time  If I were to pick a favorite class, it would be either Katie’s Arm Abs & Assets (kicks my butt every time!) or the Slow Flow warm class.

One unexpected gift of practicing yoga is actually the connections you make with people who practice with you. I’m very grateful to be a part of the Yen Community, and I invite anyone and everyone who is interested in practicing Yoga, especially for the first time, to come and experience the richness and aliveness of the yogis and spaces at Yen.  Thank you especially to all the teachers and employees at Yen that have made Shalvah and I feel so at home there. We are both very happy to keep returning to the mat again and again.

Oh, and one more thing. I invite you to come and try my amazing elixirs which are now available in the Yen store. Soon we’ll have an elixir and yoga workshop which will be absolutely amazing. See you there! (and in arms, abs and assets)