Student Spotlight: Jessica Mackey

Student Spotlight: Jessica Mackey

When did you start coming to Yen Yoga & Fitness?

In the beginning of February 2015, after I went with my dad to the first Inspired Summit.

What was your reason for starting? (Mind, Body, Health, etc)

I decided to start doing yoga because I was making unhealthy life choices. I wanted to turn my life around and start being happy again. Yoga ended up turning into my biggest vice: I was able to quit smoking, I was eating better, and I was able to tear away from bad habits. Next thing I knew I was turning all the negatives that surrounded me into positive things that made me happy. I had improved my quality of life.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since becoming a member at Yen Yoga & Fitness?

My biggest accomplishment, other than all of the health benefits, would probably be the fact that I stuck with it and continue to practice frequently.

What is your favorite class?

Some of my favorite classes are Lunar Vinyasa, Detox, Yoga & Ayurveda & Warm Yin Yoga.

What advice or words of encouragement would you like to pass along to people who haven’t been to Yen Yoga & Fitness?

Words of advice would be to definitely try a few different classes and teachers, because there are so many different types and techniques that there’s bound to be something out there for you. Especially if you’re stuck on one specific class, it’s good to be open minded.