Student Spotlight: Clare Schaljo

Student spotlight: Clare Schaljo

My journey at Yen Yoga & Fitness started a year and a half ago. The first class that I attended was Arms, Abs & ASSets taught by Katie Randazzo-Erway. After being completely inspired by Katie and this class, I started the unlimited first month – I couldn’t wait to try more classes. Growing up I played many sports so group workout classes became my go-to because of the motivation you feel from everyone in the room. I felt so much support and energy each time I went to triple A and it inspired me to keep coming back and getting stronger.

As my first month went by I also tried Cycling with Wes Sovis, Yoga Sculpt with Ellen Whiting, WERQ with Meaghan Jameson, Cardio Barre with Matthew Lindstrom, Yoga Barre with Naomi Cole, and Barre Fusion with Jennifer Haase. Honestly, there wasn’t a class I didn’t love at Yen. Each of these classes not only helped me become a stronger person from the outside, but also from the inside. Each teacher inspired me to be a better version of myself. My weekend ritual has become spending mornings at Yen with my boyfriend Ian Plamondon and best-friend Sarah Jane Crimmins – it’s always the best part of my week!

One of the lessons that I’ve learned from Yen is that the one thing that you can control is your outlook on life. Nobody can make you unhappy but yourself and that the positive energy that you give off can make somebody’s day. I try really hard to spread happiness and encouragement to the community through my actions and speech. Yen has only helped me feel more thankful and full of life as I continue to go every week.

I am trying to encourage myself to attend more yoga classes and not just the fitness offerings. One of my weaknesses in life is finding time to slow down and just breath. With my job as a nurse I find myself running around all day and not finding time to just “be.” My goal for this upcoming year is to find more time for myself to feel gratitude and to further my journey in the amazing practice that is yoga.

The biggest accomplishment I’ve felt since joining Yen is allowing myself to let go of negativity before class and being able to feel a sense of purpose after each class. No matter the day that I had, whether it be a tough day at work or a stressful day in general, I let it all go right when I walk in. I receive an incredible vibe from other members because I feel such positive energy from each one of them. I strive to give off the same energy that I get from other members. I always feel welcomed and loved right when I walk in the door.

Yen Yoga is not just a fitness studio for me, but a huge family. When I moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Traverse City, Michigan the timing could not have been more perfect for me to join.. It helped me to make this place my home and meet people that have become my very good friends. I cherish Yen Yoga with all of my heart. If I could pass along one thing along to everyone it would be to smile and come to a Arms, Abs & ASSets class if you haven’t yet! The energy you feel is contagious and it only gets better.