Student Spotlight: Meggen Watt Petersen

Meggen Watt Petersen

When did you start coming to Yen Yoga & Fitness? 

I joined YYF when I started working at Spirituality & Health Magazine. That was about two years ago.

What was the reason for starting? Mind? Body? Health etc. 

I started practicing yoga over a dozen years ago while I lived in Washington, DC, and really enjoyed the benefits. Also, I’m a former marathon runner and triathlete, so my interest in fitness extends back quite a few years. Yen’s offerings are a convergence of all these varied interests.

What has been your greatest accomplishment since becoming a member of Yen Yoga & Fitness?

I’d say that taking yoga to the next level is probably the greatest accomplishment. Yen Yoga & Fitness has “challenges” every so often. During the 30 classes in 30-day challenge of November 2014, I did yoga classes almost every day, and had an Aha! moment, which led to committing to learning much more about it. In November 2015, I started a year-long yoga teacher training course. The experience at YYF is positive, supportive, and inspiring.

What’s your favorite class?

Yin yoga! Yin, warm yin, yin and meditation. There’s something about the stillness in the yin postures that is wonderful.

What advice or words of encouragement would you like to pass along to people who haven’t been to Yen Yoga & Fitness?

It’s a great place, friendly and professional! Yen Yoga & Fitness has a good blend of offerings from the more aerobic spin, TRX, and movement classes, to a variety of yoga styles, and meditation. You can find your own groove, to practice and improve. I encourage people to come and give it a try.