Student Spotlight: Kirt Baab

Kirt started yoga at YYF in 2013.

Kirt started yoga at YYF in 2013.

I started taking yoga classes at Yen Yoga & Fitness in August of 2013 when I was looking for a place I could unwind after work and reconnect with a part of myself that got lost somewhere in the shuffle of my busy life. I found more than I expected, a fun community friendly people who encouraged and supported one another.

Since starting at Yen Yoga, I’ve practiced yoga and meditation daily. This means I have also met interesting people and made friends with other students, teachers, and staff. In addition, I was inspired and enrolled in the 200 hour teacher training. I successfully completed that this summer. Studying to become a yoga teacher allowed me to integrate yoga into my world view, professional and academic training. For me practicing yoga at Yen Yoga has been a plus, plus, plus!

Over the last two years, I’ve lost forty pounds, lowered my blood pressure, and became happier in my work. My favorite class is Yin. But I thoroughly enjoy Yin-yang, Gentle, and from time to time a more active flow class.

I highly recommend new students sample a variety of classes to get a sense of how they can design a routine that fits their taste and goals. That way they can also meet the many qualified and skilled teachers. If a new student takes two or three classes a week for a month, she’ll find herself liking the results. By then she or he will have seen how good yoga feels even between the classes.