Green Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Spring is finally, slowly, creeping in, and we are finding ourselves struck by the itch to throw open the windows (or crack them, when we remember that 45 degrees really isn’t that warm) and start cleaning.

The commercial cleaning industry has undergone its own green revolution in recent years, with many companies offering eco-friendly products that get the job done without harsh chemicals, petroleum-based surfactants, and phosphate, a common laundry and dish detergent ingredient that pollutes lakes and rivers by encouraging rapid algae growth. (Though there are still a lot of products that use these nasty ingredients, which is why it’s so very important to read labels!)

While we applaud big cleaning product companies for getting with the program, we’re big fans of making our own green cleaning products at home. Assembling a home green cleaning kit is super easy—not to mention a big money saver—and there are tons of green cleaning recipes around the internet.

The basics ingredients for a green cleaning kit?

  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Borax (found in most grocery stores’ cleaning aisles)
  • A few essential oils
  • Unscented castille soap (like Dr. Bronner’s)
  • Water
  • Fresh and/or dried herbs

Armed with these ingredients and some handy recipes (see links below), you can tackle just about any cleaning project around the house. Plus, your home will smell wonderful, and you can rest assured that you aren’t exposing yourself, your family or the environment to harmful fumes and chemicals. Happy spring cleaning!

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