Find Your Spin-Spiration

Individuals from all walks of life enjoy (or at least endure) spinning for a number of reasons. Spinning, also know as indoor cycling, provides a fun and efficient cardiovascular workout that almost anyone can try. From seniors to cyclists, the spectrum of spinners is vast. Yet they all share a common respect for a healthier self, and realize the amazing potential spinning has at sustaining that beautiful perspective.

On a LeMond spinning bike, the rider is in optimal control. A leader guides and motivates the group of spinners through a series of cycling related simulations. Not only is the experience often exciting and intense, but the amount of comfort and control while on a spinner surpasses most other forms of exercise. In essence, spinning serves as a wonderful workout that is both extraordinarily fun and rewarding.

The benefits of spinning are just as vast as the activity’s demographics. Aside from promoting a healthier self, there are many unique and beneficial aspects of spinning that stimulate the soul.

  • Low-to-No Impact – One of the most significant features of spinning is the lack impact. Unlike running and other forms of cardiovascular exercise, spinning is easy on the joints, particularly in typical problem areas like the knees and hips. In fact, moderate spinning is a common form of physical therapy for individuals recovering from knee surgery.
  • Extreme Calorie Burner – A solid thirty minute spinning session can burn as much as 500 calories. Combine out-of-saddle hill climbs and high-intensity sprints into a 45-60 minute spin class and the calorie burning potential can reach the 1000’s.
  • Time Flies – A treadmill workout can seem like an eternity, whereas a spinning session can drift by in no time. The difficulty is constantly changing, and as spinners work through various levels of intensity, there is a welcoming tendency to lose track of time.
  • Training – From a training standpoint, triathletes and cyclists are not the only athletes who benefit from spin training. All types of athletes can enhance their performance by improving their cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, lactate threshold and VO2 max. Spinning enables athletes to push themselves to the extremes without the risk of injury associated with more impactful forms of exercise.
  • Complete Control – The instructor might push the class to the max, but overall, the rider is in complete control. At any moment, the resistance can be taken off, cranked up, or slightly adjusted to suit the rider’s desired level of intensity.
  • Groove to the Music – Music and spinning go hand in hand. Music acts as the course, merging cadence (RPMs) and song tempo (RPMs). Slow songs typically make for good climbs or cool downs, whereas up-tempo songs encourage speed and sprints. Sustain a cadence that matches the beat and the spinning experience is like a dance party.
  • Simulated Experience – When the cold months arrive and the bicycles go into hibernation, spinning provides the perfect alternative. Many classes simulate the riding experience by incorporating hills, flats and other common elements of traditional road riding. It is both a great way maintain “bike shape” and keep cyclists sane throughout the winter.
  • Active Recovery – After more intense forms of training, certain muscles need to rebuild and replenish. That doesn’t mean sitting on the couch is the best form of recovery. Going for an easy spin allows oxygen-rich blood to flow to the leg muscles, promoting faster recovery. In addition, spinning can be ideal for many forms of rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Spinning offers so much more to the self than the average Joe could ever imagine. Improving mental strength, stamina, self-confidence, sense of community and unity are also benefits that bring spinners life. For those who have hesitated to hop in the saddle, now is the time to experience a workout that is invigorating, fun and effective. Find out more information at our website.

– Tyler Tafelsky Traverse City Spinning Instructor