Being Inspired

Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.
— Bo Bennett

WOW! What an incredible opening week at Yen Yoga & Fitness. It was great to see everyone coming through the doors and experiencing the variety of classes. The spinning room was full of energy and endurance, the yoga rooms were stretched with new warriors and hot yogis. As the opening jitters and anxiety eased, the excitement swelled right into the Grand Opening Party! To the Cooks House/ Wellington Market: the food was phenomenal! Not only do our taste buds thank you, but our Buddha bellies too. Thank you so much to the friends, family, community, and new members who made this week truly a success.

The vibrancy of summer is in full effect with jumps in Lake Michigan, barbeques, and red cherries.  Now is the time to root your mind and body in the momentum from the spring season and motivate! Continue to give yourself time solely dedicated to you and your fitness. Attending classes regularly will provide you with many benefits, which we already know you are aware of.   At Yen Yoga & Fitness we are happy to create an environment of mutual inspiration. Instructors are guides as well as students. Together, student and instructor create synergy, enabling us all to strive for our best.

We are enthusiastic and looking forward to a fun-filled summer. Be inspired!

Peace & Namaste

- Yen Yoga & Fitness